Free black white software

Black white software


Photoalbum Black&White

Photoalbum Black&White 1.12

Photoalbum Black White is an easy PHP based photo ablum with grayscale design Photoalbum Black White is an easy PHP based photo ablum with grayscale design br br It does not require a database It is very simple tgt It doe it its not installation ... [...]
Black Vs White

Black Vs White

Black Vs White - Moves between CPU and USER In every row of a rectangular board there are two checkers one white and one black A move consists in sliding a single checker in its original row without jumping over another checker You play BLACK ... [...]
HP Color LaserJet 2820/2840 PCL6 black and white

HP Color LaserJet 2820/2840 PCL6 black and white

HP color LaserJet PCL black and white Driver Windows XP This package contains only the printer driver for the product This package does not contain the scan fax or device communication drivers Installing this print driver for all-in-ones connected via USB where the communication port ... [...]
Dramatic Black & White

Dramatic Black & White

Dramatic Black amp White is a feature-rich image manipulation software aiming to apply black amp white effects to your photos br br JixiPix's Dramatic Black amp White app starts by leaving color in the rearview mirror and enables you to make expert adjustments with easy-to-use ... [...]

Light&Shadow 2.09

Light Shadow is a challenging puzzle game with a familiar concept and a very different twist The game is played on a x board filled with a variety of different game pieces Each basic piece has a white symbol on one side and a black ... [...]

ZoneHelper 1.0

Typical OCR software can handle only binary images with black pixels representing text and white pixels representing background It isn't unusual in modern documents to have inverted text zones and normal text zones within the same document The document structure analysis and character recognition are ... [...]

jQuery.BlackAndWhite 0.3.4

p jQuery BlackAndWhite can create a black and white greyscale mask of the original color image and display it when hovering the image br br The mask can also be shown at all times and removed when hovering the image for an inverted action of ... [...]
Tropical Waters 1 Wallpaper

Tropical Waters 1 Wallpaper 1

This wallpaper features D black ants crawling on a tree a black and white bird landing on a stone amidst a large lake-like scene with flowing water which looks almost movie-like A D black swan swims by and very realistic and life-like fish swim in ... [...]
Black Ice Color Printer Drivers

Black Ice Color Printer Drivers 14.87.1737

Color images are used primarily by color fax applications archiving applications desktop publishing internet imaging etc The Color printer drivers can also extract ASCII text from a printed file in addition to generating TIFF JPEG GIF etc output from printed files The Color printer drivers ... [...]
Fantasy Waterfall 3D

Fantasy Waterfall 3D 1

This animated wallpaper features a very powerful large waterfall which pours down on rocks below with D animals such as a silverback gorilla a large white unicorn and D black and white swans moving about in the scene As the waterfall flows birds chirp and ... [...]

SpamSquash 2.0.1

SpamSquash is a spam filter for email clients that connect to pop email servers It uses two filtering methods a Bayesian filter and a DNS block list The Bayesian is trained by you to get emails you consider to be spam The DNSBL uses spam ... [...]
Topaz B&W Effects

Topaz B&W Effects 2.1.0

Topaz B amp W Effects takes you beyond traditional black and white conversion methods by integrating unique features like a -in- selective adjustment brush adaptive exposure quad toning historical processing collections creative effects and more - giving you remarkable creativity and flexibility never seen before ... [...]

fax2png 1.0

fax png program extracts a specified page from a -bit black and white TIFF image such as a fax and efficiently converts it to PNG format This script extracts a specified page from a -bit black and white TIFF image such as a fax and ... [...]
Rose White and Black for Opera

Rose White and Black for Opera 1.0

All those interested in customizing the appearance of their favorite web browser may want to try a new skin for their web browser br br Rose White and Black for Opera theme comes with a high quality wallpaper that was designed to help you give ... [...]
A-PDF To Black/White

A-PDF To Black/White 3.1.1

A-PDF To Black White provides a quick way to convert the images to monochrome or grayscale in Acrobat PDF documents directly It detects color images and make them to bw or gray automatically then reduces your PDF files size br br A-PDF to Black White's ... [...]
BC Gallery script

BC Gallery script 1.0

BC Gallery is a powerful image gallery this one with black white and color thumbnails and an interesting scrolling thumbnail effect BC Gallery is a powerful image gallery this one with black white and color thumbnails and an interesting scrolling thumbnail effect This is also ... [...]
CODIJY Pro (formerly Color Magic)

CODIJY Pro (formerly Color Magic) 3.5.7

Color Magic is an application for colorization of black and white images and replacing color on color images It contains a convenient graphic editor portable color libraries and unique drawing tools br br Working with this application is very easy just draw some color strokes ... [...]
Film Noir

Film Noir

Film Noir trade offers features to create professional black amp white photos that provides you with high standard film noir results The software comes with fine-tuned high quality presets ready to be used And if needed you can tweak every one of those presets with ... [...]
Portable PhotoToText9

Portable PhotoToText9 4.0

PhotoToText is an interesting application developed to help you to convert your color photo's images pictures into color or blackwhite text version It allows you to customize your photos with text br br The application is very easy to use all you have to do ... [...]
Mihov Blank Screen

Mihov Blank Screen 1.4

Mihov Blank Screen shows black green gray or white screen or a white-green animation Use the program to set the brightness of your monitor and test the quality of a monitor moire blue and yellow regions storms Users can set their own colors to test ... [...]
dot illusion

dot illusion

dot illusion - Find the white circle with a black dot Can you find the white circle with a black dot in its center ... [...]
Photo Coloring

Photo Coloring 0.4

Photo Coloring is a tool to color old black and white photographies previously obtained with a scanner or similar equipment br It will accept bmp png tif and jpeg pictures br It run on Gnu linux and Windows br ... [...]

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